Directed Energy is located in the Coldstream Research Campus in Lexington Kentucky. This brand new complex is run by the University of Kentucky, and is dedicated to commercializing technologies. This is not an incubator facility. Many tenants are larger companies, who prefer to be located in the new, first class facility. As a tenant, Directed Energy has access to meeting rooms, fiber optic telecommunications as well as a redundant power system that will protect data from surges. As Directed Energy grows, the facility can provide wet labs, clean rooms as well as manufacturing space.

  • Directed Energy has all computer and software necessary to complete the project. This includes a state of the art 16 core server for advanced modeling. Advanced modeling software including COMSOL Multiphysics, Advanced Design System (Agilent), FEKO (demo version), MATLAB, SUMO, and NeuroModeler.
  • Directed Energy has access to a fully functional electronics lab capable of high quality electronic assembly. Additionally, the lab has custom and off-the-shelf electronic equipment for test, analysis and development of electronics including spectrometers, custom electronic display test bed, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, a photometer, electronic assembly stations, CCD camera and digitizer, photodiodes, various meters, AC and DC power supplies, signal generators and other electronic test equipment.

Directed Energy, INC.